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Mission & Vision

Marriage Matters Jackson's (MMJ) vision is to Promote, Prepare & Preserve Healthy Marriages. MMJ's mission is to strengthen marriages for the benefit of adults and children, decrease unnecessary divorce, and measurably impact our community today and for future generations by using proven and dynamic methods to:

  • Communicate the importance of healthy relationships and marriage,
  • Connect the community to marriage education and preparation
  • Collaborate with community leaders and organizations.

MMJ offers events and workshops as well as resources to help people build and sustain healthy relationships.

Why Does Marriage Matter?

Marriage is Good for Your Love Life.
Married couples report better and more frequent sex than single people.

Marriage Makes You Happier.
All relationships have ups and downs, but married people have more "ups."

Marriage is Good for Your Bank Balance.
Married couples make more money. Married men earn up to 40% more than single men.

Marriage is Good for Your Health.
Married men and women are nearly twice as likely to live beyond age 65.

Marriage is Good for Business.
Married men and women are more loyal and stable employees, have better relationship skills and are more productive.

Marriage is Good for Children.
Children raised in intact married families are healthier, do better in school, are less likely to experience abuse and to take part in risky behavior.

Marriage is Good for the Community.
Marriage reduces the risk of teen dropout and teen crime. Marriage dramatically reduces the risk of household poverty

National research shows The Truth about Marriage:

    • 90% of the American population will choose to marry during their lifetime.
    • Married people rate themselves significantly happier than unmarried adults.
    • Married men earn more money than single men.
    • Men have greater job stability when married.
    • Married couples accumulate net worth 93% higher than similar single or divorced individuals.
    • Married people are healthier than singles.
    • All couples (yes, even long-married, happy couples) have conflict.
    • All couples fight about the same five issues: finances, children, sex, in-laws and role expectations.
    • Couples who learn to handle conflicts well - feel greater satisfaction in their marriage.
    • Marriage increases the likelihood that fathers will have good relationships with their children.
    • Children who grow up in an intact marriage are healthier physically and emotionally than children who do not.
    • Couples marrying without cohabitation increase the chance of a successful marriage.
    • A recent poll of high school students indicates that 95% or more hope to marry someday.
    • A recent poll of high school students indicates that less than 20% have a healthy marriage role model to help them form their own future marriages.

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