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How to Avoid Dating a Jerk or Jerkette:
Healthy Dating workshops for students

Educators know relationships are a critical part of a student’s school and life experiences. PICK- a-Partner –How to Avoid Dating a Jerk or Jerkette relationship workshops help students in their current and future relationships.

Marriage Matters Jackson staff members are certified instructors of the “PICK” program and have taught thousands of students of various ages and backgrounds in schools throughout Jackson County. Using engaging and interactive exercises, the presenters get kids thinking and teach them how to follow their heart, without losing their mind!

The program describes major areas that help decifer what a person will be like in a relationship and what’s needed to build a successful relationship. Participants in this workshop often say things like “I wish someone would have told me this a long time ago and saved me years of frustration!”


Who designed the PICK Program?
Dr. John Van Epp, who has spent more than 30 years as a psychologist, is the author of How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk, which blends in-depth research with humorous stories to provide a map for making healthy relationship choices. Dr. Van Epp’s evidence-based relationship programs were developed from the combination of his 25 years of clinical counseling and from his extensive reviews of research in premarital, marital and family relations while teaching graduate marriage and family coursework. Visit the creator’s website at www.Lovethinks.com for more information.

Is workshop material provided?
Yes, the PICK workbook contains the outlines of the PICK Program, including many discussion and self-reflection questions, and the 99 questions to answer before considering marriage.

How can we bring the PICK workshop to our school or community youth group?

Contact the MMJ office at
(517)796-5116 or email us at info@marriagemattersjackson.com.

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