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Childhood Impact

Marriage is the best environment in which to raise healthy, happy children who can achieve their potential. 

Children raised in intact married families are:
    • physically and emotionally healthier
    • less likely to be physically or sexually abused
    • less likely to use drugs or alcohol and to commit delinquent behaviors
    • have a decreased risk of divorcing when they get married
    • are less likely to become single teen parents
    • more likely to attend college
    • A child living with a single mother is 14 times more likely to suffer serious physical abuse than is a child living with married biological parents. A child whose mother cohabits with a man other than the child’s father is 33 times more likely to suffer physical child abuse. The Positive Effects of Marriage: A Book of Charts, Patrick Fagan.
  • Among 18–22 year olds from disrupted families, 65% had poor relationships with their fathers and 30% with their mothers, 25% had dropped out of high school, and 40% had received psychological help. National Survey of Children, American Psychological Association.
  • Youth from disrupted families were twice as likely to exhibit these problems as youths from non-disrupted families. (Even after controlling for demographic and socioeconomic differences.) National Survey of Children, American Psychological Association.
  • Except for the population changes in the 1960s and 1970s, nothing has slowed economic growth in America more than the divorce rate.  David Mielach of “Business News Daily.” Citing research by the Marriage and Religion Research Institute. While divorce causes a drop in income levels and productivity growth, it increases the number of households in America. More households require more housing, energy, transportation and other resources.
  • What divorce really does to children - in their own shattering words:
    • You come out of it but are never yourself again. I am insecure, mistrustful, cry easily, expect the worst, break up with men before it gets serious.
    • I can't do my school work, can't sleep, eat …And they tell me it just happens. It doesn't just happen. They do this to us.  Mum and Dad are Splitting Up: BBC2 Documentary by director Olly Lambert 

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